Have you ever found yourself yearning for an authentic Korean dining experience in Calgary, only to be overwhelmed by the multitude of options available? If so, you’re not alone. This comprehensive guide is here to help you navigate the diverse world of Korean cuisine in Calgary and discover the best Korean Restaurant near you.

Korean gastronomy is a delightful fusion of diverse flavors, textures, and age-old traditions. From the fiery tang of kimchi to the mouthwatering sweetness of bulgogi, every dish takes your taste buds on a captivating journey. However, uncovering a truly authentic Korean Restaurant amidst the bustling streets of Calgary can sometimes feel like searching for a needle in a haystack.

Korean Restaurant

What to Anticipate in a Korean Restaurant

  1. Authentic Dishes: When stepping into an authentic Korean Restaurant, you can expect an extensive array of dishes, ranging from sizzling BBQ to comforting, traditional stews.
  2. Ambiance: The ambiance should transport you to the vibrant streets of Seoul, complete with Korean dΓ©cor and perhaps even the melodious sounds of K-pop in the background.
  3. Friendly Staff: A hallmark of an exceptional Korean Restaurant isn’t limited to the food alone; the staff should be well-versed in the menu, providing helpful recommendations and service with a smile.

Must-Try Korean Dishes

  1. Kimchi: This fermented vegetable dish is a quintessential element of Korean cuisine, known for its unforgettable blend of tanginess and spiciness.
  2. Bulgogi: Thin slices of marinated beef, often grilled to perfection, offer a delightful combination of savory and sweet flavors.
  3. Bibimbap: A hearty rice dish adorned with an assortment of fresh vegetables, meat, and a spicy sauce. The real joy is in mixing it all together to create an explosion of flavors.

Unveiling Calgary’s Best Korean Restaurants

To discover the perfect Korean eatery, it’s often best to rely on recommendations, peruse online reviews, and heed the advice of fellow food enthusiasts. The city’s true culinary gems often remain hidden, known only to those willing to venture beyond the tried and tested.

1. Roy’s Korean Dining Experience:

Led by the renowned Chef Roy Oh, Roy’s Korean Kitchen in Mission and The District at Beltline offers mouthwatering dishes, including mushroom ramen carbonara and sliders. The Mission location specializes in Korean barbecue and seafood, featuring delights like the AAA Tomahawk Ribeye.

2. Jinbar:

Under the leadership of respected chef Jinhee Lee, Jinbar is a destination for Korean-spiced fried chicken and unique dishes like the Korean beef bulgogi pizza, set within a heritage building, making it ideal for both relaxed meals and social gatherings.

  • Address: 24 4 St. N.E.
  • Contact Info: 587-349-9008
  • Website: jinbar.ca

3. Bow Bulgogi House:

Known for its exceptional bulgogi, bibimbap, and yukkejang, Bow Bulgogi House has earned overwhelming praise in Google reviews, with many loyal patrons returning for years.

  • Address: 3515 17 Ave. S.W.
  • Contact Info: 403-686-6826

4. Wow Chicken:

True to its name, Wow Chicken offers a variety of chicken dishes, whether you prefer them deep-fried, crispy, or breaded. Their gang-jeong chicken, with its deliciously sweet or spicy flavor, is a must-try.

  • Address: 324 10 St. N.W.
  • Contact Info: 403-460-7557
  • Website: wowchicken.ca

5. Hankki:

Known for its “cupbops,” which feature protein choices like bulgogi chicken atop a bed of rice, Hankki has become a local sensation. Their Korean-inspired hot dogs are also a crowd-favorite.

  • Address: 1058 17 Ave. S.W.
  • Contact Info: 403-475-2218
  • Website: hankki.ca

6. The Plate:

Located downtown near the river, The Plate boasts vibrant neon lights, Korean art, moving images on the walls, mirrors, and generously portioned dishes meant for sharing. The restaurant promises a delightful introduction to Korean cuisine.

  • Address: 1104 6th Avenue SW
  • Contact Info: (403) 300-0950

7. Kimchi House:

Kim Chi House offers a delightful fusion of Korean and Japanese flavors, catering to those seeking traditional Asian delicacies. With clear labels indicating the spice level of each dish, diners can easily choose according to their preference.

  • Address: 303 Centre St S
  • Contact Info: (403) 265-8098

8. Taste of Korea:

Situated in the bustling Beltline area, Taste of Korea offers a unique blend of authenticity and modernity. The extensive menu features everything from stir-fried noodles and bibimbap to Korean BBQ and aromatic soups, each clearly marked with its spice level. Vegan patrons can savor a delightful range of vegan dishes as well.

  • Address: 1204 17 Ave SW
  • Contact Info: (403) 245-8979
  • Website: tasteofkorea.ca

9. Green Bottle Kitchen & Soju:

Renowned for its creative menu, Green Bottle Kitchen serves unique offerings like the Korean bulgogi-hotdog and bulgogi-poutine. The restaurant also offers a variety of soju options, including intriguing mixes like the Soju-Yakult cocktail.

10. Cafe Momoko:

Cafe Momoko is a prominent Korean Restaurant offering a delectable mix of Korean and Japanese dishes. Known for its generous portions, the restaurant is perfect for those with hearty appetites. Diners can indulge in Asian fusion favorites like sashimi bibimbap and ddukbaegi bulgogi, as well as classic Korean barbecue dishes.

  • Address: 8 Weston Dr SW
  • Contact Info: (403) 246-4684

Our compilation of Calgary’s finest Korean eateries is now complete. Visit any of these restaurants to finally satiate your sweet, salty, or spicy cravings. If you found this article engaging, please explore more at top10calgary.ca.